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An Ideal Access Control System AVI-FP-ID-510

access control uaeEmploying Biometric AVI-TEC – AVI-FP-ID-510 access control system is a real time investment and not expenditure.

It is beneficial for businesses which best protect your company as well as its employees.



It has fashionable touch keypad technology with standard Wigand output and input signals for easy integration with any third party access control panel or Wigand proximity readers with features like Full contact access control signals for alarm, door lock, exit button, and door sensor.. It provides TCP/IP, RS232, and RS485 multimodal communications for flexible choice. It restricts the unauthorized entry using the Audio-visual indications for acceptance & rejection of valid and invalid fingerprints.

Remarkably, it has the capacity to store in 1500 templates and can record 50000 transactions, so if you are a big giant then it is an ideal access control system for you.

Some of its technical features are here under-

  • Has ZEM500 Hardware platform and Optical Sensor
  • Available in Algorithm Version v9.0
  • Provides RS232/485, TCP/IP, USB-host Communication   with Wigand Output/in
  • Having Relay Contact Signals for      Lock, door sensor, alarm, exist button
  • It comes with Standard Functions like Doorbell, Antipas-back, Web server, SMS, Work Code, and DLST
  • It has Optional Functions such as ID/Mifare/HID, printer, Self-Service, Query Automatic Status Switch
  • Having LCD with two lines display and Power Supply of 12V DC 3A
  • Can operate in 0°C – 45°C temperature and humidity of 20%-80%


Day – Night CCTV Camera AV10115V1 Arecont Vision Products

day night cameraSome cameras are meant to be good capturing during day but if it captures during a night the picture quality gets poor and dull hence there would be no use purchasing  those kinds of camera. So for that we need a camera which is capable to capture as well as it captures during day. Since most of the crime take place during night. There are those cameras which gives good image stability during day and night.

The model AV10115V1 is a supreme day and night CCTV camera from brand called Arecont vision.

This camera has a pixel density of 10 Megapixel also records at a resolution of 1080 HDTV at a frame rate of 7fps. The Day & Night CCTV camera has got 2 compression methods which are h.264mpeg4 and motion jpeg format. With the features like   Data Transmission Video frame rate in binned mode up to Regulatory, Programmability, Product Imaging Full Field of View (FOV) Resolutions Cropped Resolution and Electrical makes the model AV10115V1 more supreme in its class.

Weighing 1,500.00 grams this camera is enabling of capturing bigger brighter and sharper picture quality during the day and night time.

Hence it is highly reliable camera which is be used for CCTV Surveillance.

Surveillance With Push Video IP camera -Without Any Glitch in a Click !

avtech ip cameraOwn your 24×7 private guard and experience an excellent remote surveillance on your Smartphone.


Clear and smooth pictures, user-friendly interface and two way interaction function in addition, its active notification services with alarm detection device are what Push Video IP camera offers.

Since physical security is a vital concern today, for everyone whether it is a business or a household. However, setting up surveillance cameras to keep an eye on your office, home or your loved ones could be time consuming and tiresome job to manage the security camera.

Unlike the traditional security cameras, Push Video IP camera applies the Push technology into a video surveillance systems to ensure instant notifications and real-time playback. When an event crops up, you will get notified straight away by receiving an instant push video on your mobile within just 5 seconds. It will lessen the loss, by viewing playback video, you can make a quick decision and take prompt action immediately. Such as there is less chance to miss the crucial moment to catch the burglar.

Welcome to an easy life! If you want to search any specific footage so now, you don’t need to stare at your monitor. No more wasting your time. AVTECH- PUSH VIDEO series IP camera has an integrated PIR sensor for human detection, instead of motion detection, and helps external alarm devices. With the help of alarm systems, it has enhanced the accurateness of notifications. Plus, pre-alarm recording led you to see the whole course of an event to make a right decision.

Moreover, it has a perfect integration with mobile devices with simplified network configurations. It is integrating all complicated settings into a Smartphone, so now with your Smartphone in hand you can now change network and camera configurations without your computer. In a few clicks internet will be connected. Additionally, it has the local-network-search function and automatic port forwarding, which will help you search for the devices quickly at the same domain, thus saving time costs of network configurations.

Hence, hire your own private security guard and stay tension free!

The AVI-FP-ID-512-DT fingerprint reader for Maximum Security

fingerprint readerWell… we are enough aware about time attendance and access control system, its applications and advantages. Here, we are going to tell you about some exciting facts useful for dealers as well as businesses, and facts that are based on technical aspects and we aren’t going to be theatrical.

Let’s say, a company has 5000 employees, now management wants to deploy access control systems on each door plus they want to deploy time attendance device, as well for the sake of security. As in the above case, what is feasible for such company, it must ponder over the technical strengths of the product, and it should go for two in one solution like time attendance and access control system.

Today variety of fingerprint readers is available in the market, but you must go by its features, it must satisfy the business needs. The Online AVI TEC products AVI-FP-ID-512-DT fingerprint reader uses the latest technology to record employee ID and information up to 8000 fingerprints templates. What’s more, it gives excellent matching speed and makes the user data available in no time.

The transaction capacity of 200,000 has remarkably speeded the process of employee attendance record. Its 300,000 pixels camera has made security more efficient. Standard Functions like Work code, SMS, DLST, Scheduled-bell, Self-Service query, Automatic Status Switch, T9 input, photo-ID, Anti-pass back has further improved the security. Moreover, its Access Control Interface provides 3rd party electric lock, door sensor, exit button, alarm, Door Bell.

IP Camera – Arecont Vision Product

ip camera uaeProduct: IP All In One Camera

Product Code: AV1125DNv1

Brand: Arecont Vision





Product Description:

Surveillance with security cameras is a useful asset for home, business, work places and public safety.  People feel safer and law abiding under surveillance cameras in social areas. High tech systems assist as a helping hand to police in analyzing over areas out of reach. They slaughter unusual losses and violation by crooks enhancing peace with a safer environment. Today’s advanced technologically updated surveillance tools like CCTV’s, biometric solutions, attendance managers have provided to conquer lawbreakers or jailbirds also secured life and money.

CCTV camera solutions play an sound role in crime prevention and maintaining law enforcement over assets, also maintaining defensive measures against atrocities and malfeasance. They are an important source in protecting employees and customers from violation and also providing proper check during entries to the estate excluding and cutting down unusual trespassing or break-ins.

The Arecont ProductAV1125DNv1’ is a highly efficient All in One IP Camera built for extreme usage is extreme circumstances. It comes with 1.3 megapixel  H.264/MJPEG IP All-In-One Camera, 4.5-10mm Megapixel Varifocal Lens, IP66 Weatherproofing, Integrated 3-Axis Mount, 12VDC/24VAC Heater, Day/Night, 42fps, External lens adjustment including zoom, iris and focus, Multi-streaming: 8 non-identical streams, Lowlight noise filter control, Privacy mask, Auto backlight compensation, Auto multi-matrix white balance and many more others.

Color IP Indoor Monitor – Dahua Products

Dahua products ip indoor monitor

Product: 7–inch Color IP Indoor Monitor

Product Code: VTH1510AS-H


Brand: Dahua




Product Description:

Surveillance system has become a mandatory part of everyday survival in order to stay immune, resisting hazards and unlawful activities today. They are reliable and ensure smooth security at workstations, home, offices, institutes and other premises. They contribute absolute satisfaction to sustain a hassle free environment with clean assurance throughout. Till the day they have efficiently assisted the cops to analyze and control numerous unlawful acts, crime detection, fraudulence and maintain harmony at estate.

CCTV cameras monitors regulate humbleness and avoid any harassment or malpractices from happening. They provide proper check of assets and save from fraud and criminals from entry. The potent tools technology and features with vigorous techniques provide clean and clear viewing with ensuring superb recording and monitoring continuously. They are at a dab hand with excellent indoor usage in affordable prices.

Our Dahua Product ‘VTH1510AS-H’ is a potent creation of high-tech Best IP Indoor Monitors. It is affluent with fine serviceability adored with big & inch LCD screen, 5 mechanical button with the ability of varying  angle viewing, 1 channel 10/100Mbps self-adaptive Ethernet, To communicate with other residents in the same community, Info publish, leave message, emergency calling, Support DND setting and multiple outdoor station connection, Support video recording function. It comes with good quality material with very long lasting capability.

Our products are evenly quality checked by professionals for longevity and serviceability before delivery at the patron’s premises. We provide complete customer satisfaction with the products which we render at very affordable prices.

8-Channel Standalone DVR

dvr, dvr uaeProduct: 8-Channel Standalone DVR

Product Code: AVI-8C-DVR1020

Brand: AVI Vision


Product Description:

Protection of public and property is the highly heightened need today. Safe living satisfies and provides comfort rather than being prone to burglary, breaches and crime situations. People now a day are very cautious and aware of safety and apply versatile technology to conquer theft and unpredicted security breaches. With the blessings of the surveillance system which has made it possible to check and handle crime in efficient ways, and hence maintaining humbleness, peace and harmony to assets.

DVR’s are a great source and the most opulent technology developed and designed today for the safety and protection of people. They have proved to be the most efficient crime control mechanisms today in monitoring footages of recordings and easy video surveillance.

The AVI Vision productAVI-8C-DVR1020’ is an opulent H.264 SOC video compression algorithm, low power consumption, super function etc,  D1 video quality; 4chs D1 real-time record (for HW-SVR7504DS), 2chs D1 and 6chs CIF real-time record, Linux RTOS, good network transmission performance, high stability, User-friendly design. Mouse, panel, and IR controller operation supported, Support one 2TB SATA HDD, Support motion detection, synchronous monitoring function etc, Backup by USB flash, DVD-RW, internet client and many more others.

Our supreme products are greatly admired worldwide for their long lasting and better performance. We evenly check our each product before dispatch at patron’s premises and also provide proper customer satisfaction in very affordable prices.


Day Night Camera – Arecont Product

dayandnightcamera-arecontProduct: Day & Night Camera

Product Code: AV3116DNv1

Brand: Arecont Vision




Product Description:

Now a day every alliance is adopting high tech surveillance systems like CCTVs, biometric solutions in order to remove felony and malfeasance. CCTVs installed for conviction in malls, stock market office, military bases, roadways, home and public places for enhancing and ensuring safety to life and matter have turned out to be successful.

Security Cameras cater to easy remote monitoring and analyzing of home, business, institutes or any other assets. They provide proof to assay and scrutiny over unlawful acts and illegal atrocities. The ideology at the heels of security cameras is to impart a visual proof of all activities being construed either in private or public places. Detection of fraudulent and deterring thefts has been cut down with these technologies in an efficient way.
Our Arecont product ‘AV3116DNv1’ is a superb day night camera with superior full field viewing capacity and high tolerance level. It is equipped with a powerful 3 megapixel camera for clean and best quality recordings, 3.5 fps, die cast aluminum chassis, Fine CMOS image sensors, auto back light and white balancer, 360 degree pan and 90 degree tilt, high resolution video and image output and many others.
Our CCTV products are opulent and effectual, made for excellent working even in harsh conditions. We are known globally for our supreme surveillance systems which we provide with proper customer satisfaction and affordable prices.

Touch Keypad Proximity Reader – Syris Product

touchpadProduct: Touch Keypad Proximity Reader

Product Code:SYRDK2

Brand: Syris






Product Description:

Surveillance solutions in modern and advanced technology are the most excellent and efficient technique today at safeguarding home, business from infractions, burglary and villainy. With the high rise in crime and thefts people have become much aware of assurance of their life and premises.

Biometric Solutions are the most widely accepted and admired surveillance tool today. They are blissful in monitoring and safeguarding estate with remote operations. There are a handful of advantages of installing surveillance systems at premises

  •  Safeguarding entrances of premises
  •  Block trespassing
  •  Reliable & Easy installation
  •  Capturing evidence for occurred guilt
  •  Built-in Watchdog to prevent system from halting
  •  Remote operation makes it more efficient

Our product ‘SYRDK2’ of Syris is an opulent Touch Keypad Proximity Reader with Built-in Anti-Tamper protection / Buzzer and flawless working even in unfavorable conditions. It comes with Transmission frequency, 15 red range, baud rate 19,200 bps, card compatibility EM or ISO 14443A/B, 12 key keypad, 3 led indicator, rs 480 communication, anti taper facility and many more others.

Our Syris products are tested for quality assurance by a team of professionals before delivery at the patron’ premises. We are a global surveillance provider highly admired for our supreme products and proper customer satisfaction.